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• 9/22/2017

Edits Incoming

A place to discuss upcoming major edits.
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• 9/22/2017
Hey all, Septimus G here. I'm relatively new to the fandom of ANL, and enjoy the comic. I have had an opportunity to look through the wiki, and honestly find it a little lacking. I do realise that it is mostly a personal thing for me, as I tend to enjoy reading a solid wiki almost as much as the content it was created for. On that note I hope to be a large contributor to this wiki, and to be able to improve and polish on it. This discussion thread will be used by myself, and any other fans to collaborate and improve on the wiki. Expect some big changes coming by soon. Thanks!
• 9/26/2017
Hey guys, quick update from me here. Just did a bunch of work on the big projects, mostly making more notes on my own for the timeline stuff, as well as creating some new pages here. Let me know what you think
• 10/23/2017
Poor lonely discussions page. I too would like to flesh out the wiki some, hopefully we can work together! :P
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